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Client Info:  -Investigation into Potential Link between Certain Diets and Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Veterinary Resources:  -Information on diseases rabies information - Rabies information

pet poison helpline   - 24/7 Animal Poison Control   -  medication information   - medication information - Bayer animal health information

wildlife rehabilitation - find a wildlife rehabilitator near me

Pet Owner Information: - Universal tool provided by AAHA to search all microchip databases.   - Information about external parasites  -  Tips and information on pet care

Pet insurance review - Pet insurance comparison

Planning for disasters   - Emergency information

ESSENTIALS for pets in an emergency   - Checklist for emergencies (printable)   - Interesting article regarding “Dr. Google

Warm Weather Hazards - Keep your pet safe during hot weather

Humane shelters/services:   - Shelter information

Massachusetts approved shelter services

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Ticks are a year round problem

Pembroke Animal Hospital's Seminar "Flea, ticks and intestinal parasites"  - Presentation (printable)

Pembroke Animal Hospital's Seminar "Summer Safety"   - Presentation (printable)


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